At IN PRINT you can experience the craftsmanship behind the packaging industry over the last 175 years. The development of packaging really took off with industrialisation in the 19th century, when the Danes went from being mainly self-sufficient to increasingly buying finished products. Wine, beer and tobacco became more popular with the general public and products were marketed with brightly coloured labels, which at the time were only possible with lithographic printing.
The packaging industry has largely followed in the footsteps of the general industry, and since the 1800s it has evolved rapidly with new printing methods, electricity and materials. IN PRINT allows you to explore the self-service shop of the 1960s. You can also watch packaging designer Mette Reimer talk about the origin of the look of everyday packaging. You can listen to workers’ memories from packaging manufacturer Schur, delve into preserved packaging dating back to the 1890s and design your very own label.