The Workers’ Homes

Enjoy a fascinating journey back in time through the lives of ordinary Danish workers. It’s a perfect experience for visitors of any age. Witness the cramped conditions of a large family in the 1880s, who often go to bed hungry. Travel on to the 1920s, when electricity, gas and water have been installed. In 1935, there isn’t much space or many personal belongings in the little maid’s room that was typical for servants at the time. In the 1950s, visitors enter the neat home of a stay-at-home housewife, in which mass-produced material goods have become available to ordinary working-class people. By the 1970s, the telephone and a bathroom have become common features of every home.

The workers’ housing in Villavej no. 49 is under renovation and cannot be visited. They will reopen on June 21, 2024.