Research and dissemination

Research projects

Denmark's Industrial Museum is a research institution. Since 2004, research has been done in collaboration with The University of Southern Denmark and, most recently, also with The Fisheries and Maritime Museum. Jointly the three institutions operate the Center for Maritim- og Erhvervshistorie (Centre of Maritime and Trade History).
Associate Professor and Ph.D. Sally Thorhauge is associated with the museum and through her, the museum also has a research relation to Center for Museologi (Centre of Museology) at the Aarhus University.

Currently Kristoffer Jensen is working on a company story about the VKR Group (VELUX, VELFAC, RATIONEL etc.) to analyse the Group's development since approx. 1980 and to introduce it into a larger discussion about Danish industry, trust ownership and globalisation. The goal is to publish the result in 2019 as a larger set of books.

David Holt Olsen, Sally Thorhauge and Kristoffer Jensen will towards 2020 be working on a project about the industry in the 21st century sponsored by The VELUX Foundations. The project is developed in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark and Odense City Museums and is planned to connect specific studies of the cluster of robot-producing companies around Odense with conceptions about the industry and its importance to Denmark.

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