Other Exhibitions Etc.

In addition to regular museum service, part of the Industrial Museum’s area of responsibility is also a series of leases. Here, private companies, associations and artists have wished for being in a cultural environment, which creates synergies with their activities or businesses.

At the moment, these are the following:
Denmark’s Nimbus Touring have rented the old coke shed from the time of the gasworks. Here, the Nimbus museum is open from around Easter to the autumn holidays at weekends and on public holidays. DNT is a nationwide association.
View details about Denmark’s Nimbus Touring's museum here: Nimbus-Museet

The Sports archive is a department of the Sport Horsens, which has rented the 1st floor in the old administration building of the gasworks. The Sports archive is open Tuesdays and Sundays.
View more about the Sports archive here: Horsens Idrætsarkiv

Galleri Gasværk is an artist association, where 5 artists have their workshop and gallery in the former workshop of the gasworks. Originally Britta Enemark and Benny Olsen created the Galleri Gasværk, which has since expanded with the association. The gallery is open by appointment, but often when working.
View more about Galleri Gasværk here: Galleri Gasværk

Conservator Bent Jacobsen runs his business with a base at the museum.

The Stentrykkerklubben (the Lithography Club) is a group of artists, who on one hand keep the old lithography alive, and who on the other hand create art for external exhibitions and activities.
You may become a member by contacting the chairman of the Stentrykkerklubben or by making an enquiry at the museum’s office.
View more about the Stentrykkerklubben here: Stentrykkerklubben

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