Workers Apartments 1880 – 1998

Visit the museum's workers’ homes in the apartments on Villavej, where a time travel will take you through the ordinary Danish worker's living conditions.

The stairway in no. 49
Discover the 1880s’ cramped conditions, where the large family lives closely together and often go to bed hungry. Travel on to the 1920s’ improved standard of living, where electricity, gas and water has found its way to ordinary people's homes. In 1935, in the maid’s small chamber, the small conditions and the few possessions are characteristic for the young people, who had gone into service.

The stairway in no. 51
In the 1950s, you will encounter the stay-at-home wife’s neat home, where the material goods of mass production have become available to the ordinary worker. In the 1960-1970s, also the television and separate bathrooms are found in every home. At the top floor, you may visit the young worker in 1998, where there are old pizza boxes and loud music on the music centre.